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Jordan Danielle Harris, an American musician, model, actress, singer, and songwriter, began working as a professional recording artist in 2017. Atlanta native, Harris, started to write songs and transform her personal experiences into music at an early age. When she was only six years old, Jordan acquired a unique ear for music and later went on to learn piano, guitar, and drums. Since then, she's been determined to create music with a positive message for anyone, at any age, to relate to and enjoy. Jordan incorporates multiple elements from a variety of genres while blending hints of modern, urban, electronic, and fresh sounds from around the world. Working with skilled producers in America and Europe, Jordan has been able to collaborate with international musicians and artists to create a distinctive sound of her own. Since then, she has created and released multiple original songs, and performed as a high school student in the world-famous American Netflix original show, “Stranger Things”.

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